Roman Virani
Music Producer - Songwriter - Engineer - Remixer
  1. Music Production
    • Music Production available for non-exclusive & exclusive purchases. • Catalogue ranging from various genres. • Production catered/created towards your taste. • Music for Websites, commercials, Youtube & Businesses
  2. Mixing Mastering
    • Standard mixing & Mastering • Deep mix (Fine tuning the sound of each instrument & vocal within the song/production to give it that industry standard quality) • Online & Offline Mixing/Mastering services available (Attend a session to see & hear the song whilst in the process)
  3. Recording Sessions
    • Block bookings or multiple hours available • Cover songs • Original songs • Artist development session (songwriting, Harmony, melody ideas, vocal production/effects, backing vocals)
  4. Artist Development Package
    • Recording • Music Production • Mixing/Mastering • Artist direction/guidance • Music Promotion/Pr campaign • Pictures in action
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